What is it?

In all honesty: we created the Value Mapping Session because we wanted to make our own jobs easier and save our clients time and money. There, we said it. Time for some details:


The location is completely up to you. Want us to come to you? No problem. Want to do it remote? No problem. Want to book a fancy room? No. Problem.
5 people

That's the maximum amount of people allowed in the session. Not because we don't like crowds, but because we like things to be efficient.
4 hours

That's the time commitment we ask for. This includes an introduction, a whole lot of fun and lunch.

How does it work?

The goal of the session is to map your organisation on the model you see below. We look at what you're currently doing, what works and what doesn't. Then we come up with ways to take away barriers and come up with solutions, on the spot.

All utilising active and fun exercises, based on proven methods. Yes; there will be post-its.

If the session is done remotely, we prepare a Miro-board and walk you and your team through the engaging exercises.

The base for your Value Architecture. Look closer, it won't bite. We think.

What do you get?

Every Value Mapping Session comes with the same set of deliverables, tailor made for your organisation:

The costs of a Value Mapping Session are €3950 excl. 21% VAT. Want to know more? Contact Mark and he'll answer all your questions and throw in a joke or two.